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How-to use ArcGIS Servers...

UW-Milwaukee can offer ESRI ArcGIS/ArcSDE Technology to students and researchers on campus.

If you want use this technology,
you need fill out the WebGIS Account Request

Server Status

WEBGIS is online
- Currently running 10.6
3-23-2018 - Migrated Services and Data and Web Appilcations
- ArcDesk 10.4.1 through 10.6.1 can connect to server
- Database authorize - location of authorize file in M:\ArcGISServer\data\NewEnterpriseGeoDataAuthorizeFile

GIS4 is online
- Currently running 10.6.1
9-2-2017 - ArcGIS 10.6.1 installed and running
9-2-2018 - License update - will need to authorize database - location of authorize file in M:\ArcGISServer\data\NewEnterpriseGeoDataAuthorizeFile
- Weekly file and database backups working - daily site configuration backup

SQL Client Install required for database connections to ArcSDE/SQL Server

Please note - you will need to install them before you try to connect. If you try, you will either get failed connection or stating the your SQL Client is incorrect version.

  • Required GIS4 and WEBGIS SQL Client Install to make Database connection in ArcGIS Desktop
    Both Server have SQL 2016 installed

    Download the Install (updated 3-23-2018)

  • - Note: you need to updated SQL client if you connect to WEBGIS
    - Note: All of AUP Labs have the correct version of SQL client

Mapping a drive to the GIS Servers

Each zip files contains a batch file. You extract from zipfile, and double click the batch file.

ArcGIS Server Service Listings

These listing contain all the service located on the server. This allow you to develop an application with your service or share you services on ArcGIS Online.